Finished from the archives! Inspired by fashion from the 50s and 60s!

I had the pleasure of designing this amazing adventure film Earth To Echo that is being released today by Relativity Media. It’s my buddy’s Directorial debut. A great ride for the whole family, so go see it!Two years ago, one of my best friends brought me on we were four people in a small office trying to create a movie on a tight deadline, so it’s been a journey to see all sorts of talented people lend their craft for this film to come together. It’s inspiring to witness Dave and Henry’s direction and writing blossom into a whole experience, they are truly brilliant.The best part about working on this film is the friendships I’ve made with such talented, humble people. Also a shout out to Thirst Project and Relativity Media for amazing marketing! Hope you enjoy it!

Hey all! I’ve been trying to put this site together for a while now. Hope you enjoy it!

A vehicle I created last year inspired by Manta Rays!

Some work I did for Applibot early last year. ‘Roselia Advanced version!

Some work I did for Applibot early last year. ‘Roselia’ Normal Version.

Many of you are messaging and emailing me for prints of my work. I really appreciate the interest! Just set up a shop for you guys<3

Something I started last year. Really wanted to finish this one!


Characters from my personal project!

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Portrait of Nima!Going to start to try to post more on instagram!Feel free to follow at:

Early sketches of Nima!

Going to try to start posting more artwork on instagram
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an early sketch of Nima! :)Going to start posting more artwork on instagram. Feel free to follow at!

A character from one of the projects I’ve been working on. Happy Mondays, hope you like!

An image done for one of the projects I’ve been working on, hope you like!